The Easiest Way To Get GTPS.

You can buy digital assets from central exchanges etc like Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin,, OKX, Kraken, Hotbit, Transak, Simplex, Moonpay etc but you must register first.

But if you want the fastest way to buy without any registration in minutes with bank card then this is the easiest way to get digital assets to swap for our GTPS.

Buy Matic or BNB as little as $2 or $5 from MT PELERIN (Switzerland)


BUY digital assets for as little as $2 or even less, instantly with a bank card and receive this in minutes.

So far the easiest way to buy digital assets without any registration etc. AS EASY AS 123.

Once you have the digital assets; Matic, BNB, etc then visit an exchange like Quickswap, Pancakeswap, etc and swap for our Global Transaction Payment Solution GTPS.

Firebird Finance is multichain:- Polygon, Fanton, BSC, Iotex, Moonriver, Avalanche, Kucoin and Cronos and one of the exchanges where you can swap for large volumes of GTPS.

Click (

We need increased volumes to be registered on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

Follow these steps. see website as well


We are officially registered on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC Binance, Fantom, Gnosis Xdai, Avalanche, RSK, meaning that you can buy any of these and swap choosing correct exchange corresponding to the assets you want.


Choose Buy Crypto

Click on See All

Scroll down to correct network Polygon or BNB etc

Choose correct network Polygon in the example.

Change currency from CHF to Euros always.

Select Pay by Card

Enter amount as little as $2

Connect your wallet

Enter bank details

Confirm with bank through text messages etc (your authorising way)

After a few minutes 2–5 you have your assets. All this takes about 5 minutes.

Then visit Uniswap, Sushiswap, Firebird Finance, Quickswap or Pancakeswap etc, depending on assets you have bought and simply swap to GTPS.
Here are the contract addresses

Ethereum contract address 0xD9A8bB44968F35282F1b91c353f77a61BaF31A4B

Polygonscan GTPS contract address 0x26d326B1fc702260baeB62334d7c1Da6f1a2C386

BSC Binance chain contract address 0xBdf7d9c4Dd10dAD74b46BFeeB58B2Ce5Ff055581

Fantom Gtps.Finance contract address 0x786BbB4615fF8B43E627313d2878F0980DB0bF39

Gnosis Xdai contract address 0xE5Bd065be71aF001e89fE04914662870c40542C8

RSK contract address 0x9427A2a738AffBc5880F0646b5251069c022e525

IOTEX contract address 0xA47d18B6409bDed0cbCc1AaCB6036543fB6B2b85

Avalanche contract address 0xbe217b06d3233d56938aa2a8cd1ac728c9dc848a

(other contract addresses provided on request


The good news is that IOTEX GTPS has a price already, we just need to add liquidity.

First and foremost I will tell you why our project is the only project that will standout in the end.

  1. The only Defi project with rights to print our own fiat/paper money.

We have rights to print and have our own fiat paper money on top of our digital currencies; Global Transaction Payment Solution GTPS and our reward token Gtps.Finance GFI. All this guaranteed by our constitution as part of Tomorrow’s World Order.

2. Best Of Both Worlds Defi and CBDC.

We are the only ones capable to link and bridge the decentralised worlds (defi) and the centralised financial systems with their central bank digital currency (CBDC.) Only us so far with rights already to own both fiat as well as digital assets to such an extent that all fiat and digital will be our own brand.

3. The Greatest Digital Currency Foreign Currency Exchange Of All Time.

When fully functional we will link and bridge all projects as one as our main goal is to plan and manage the ‘world’. This is our plan to bridge the whole world as one in digital and in real life. That makes us the greatest Forex exchange ever.

4. A Whooping 7.7 Billion Market

We intend to introduce a new system of global financial planning and management. We are going to make it compulsory for all nations on earth to adopt a two or more currencies system. Meaning that each nation will use our digital currency as mandatory to steer growth and development together with their fiat/paper money and if they want their own digital currency as well. Meaning our GTPS will become the official global transaction and payment solution.

5. The New Single Reserve Global Currency.

We will make our GTPS replace the US$ as the new single reserve global currency the only way to solve all global problems. This is the only way forward as we are not affiliated to any country and we have everyone’s interests. The current system creates a parasitic situation where one grows at the expense of others.

6. We have a holistic/comprehensive approach.

We don’t look at digital currencies only as problem solving mechanisms. We deal with all aspect of growth, development and human life. We write books as our guiding principles to help take all humanity out of this defensive stage which we are in (Read Tomorrow’s World Order for more details). To a stage where wealth is increased to levels a thousand years away from now. A stage here on earth where technology is so advanced that our lifestyle will change greatly. In this stage we will fly planes, spaceships, drive cars, operate machines, talk to each other just by our thoughts or just by thinking.

This is not because we will be lazy to speak or talk etc. No but because the times will require us to do so. So we are working hard behind the scenes solving genuine mandatory problems and writing manuals/patents and leading humanity as we can. I think we have a breakthrough already in decoding thoughts and inner speech. The only thing that will make the technology possible. If this is the truth that it is only us to have come up with a breakthrough that puts our project at the forefront exactly what we intended. Building trust and creating financial opportunities through patents and royalties etc.

We have written judgements in the Facebook v FTC well before the court’s decision and we were spot on read all about it–9

We have written our handling of wars etc a year ago before the current war started, only that the war happened before we put things in place to be able to stop wars. But we are creating a better world for all. Solving real problems no one dare address.

We will increase financial inclusion providing opportunities to anyone who can buy and swap digital assets for our GTPS. The only way to increase financial wealth of all the people.

7. Greatest Valuable Airdrop In the History Of Mankind.


I can imagine you smiling now, because this is what everyone wants to hear. Yes if we are to make our plans real we must have GTPS on every platform. That means airdrop from every chain on the planet to your wallet. Never done by anyone before we will be the first. Imagine if our GTPS is the official digital currency of the world and you have airdrops from every block-chain?

Coinbase will list us soon. Giving our GTPS automatic value depending on volumes of trades; the price will increase.

8. Increases In Value.

Most tokens drop in value or remain constant in price; can’t take off after a certain stage or reaching saturation where prices remain the same over years. Our GTPS will be different because if is not just a token to hold or hodl; like most with no other use. Ours will be the driver of the world economies. The reserve currency and a staking and yield farming token. One which we will put in staking vaults where its price will increase constantly. Gtps.Finance GFI will argument our GTPS.

9. The Ball Of Fortune Is In Our Hands Rather than Other Peoples. We Control Our Own Wealth’s Destiny.

Above all we can manipulate our own fiat/paper money to pump the price of our GTPS. Print some to buy some out of the circulation and keep these in vaults so that price increases. None of the projects can do that. In fact most coins for example bitcoin, were designed on the basis of initial limited quantity in order for the value to increase with time, but this is not for everyone meaning still only a few people will benefit. To achieve the same increases in value but for all I mean everyone (not just a limited say approx 21 million people) is to do as what we did. Link all to fiat money that is ours. The reason bitcoin increases in value is the pumping of fiat in the system and its reduction in quantity over time meaning taking some bitcoin out.

10. Proud Of Yourselves Doing Something Great.

Imagine being part of something that will change the future. If this is not to benefit you definitely this will benefit your kids simply because it is the best thing to do for all humanity. Imagine us discovering a breakthrough that will change the world forever. Imagine us triggering the increases in wealth for those who trusted in us no matter what the odds of what we said actually happening?

You have every reason to get in and get involved. Retweet and share our materials. Read our books etc. I know this is not for everyone but the few who will believe in us are enough to push the ball rolling for us to make our plans a reality.

Global Transaction Payment Solutions GTPS.




Global transaction payment solution is to power the whole world to the next stage of development as a payment solution and as a store of value.

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Global transaction payment solution is to power the whole world to the next stage of development as a payment solution and as a store of value.

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