How to make researching online quick and easy for your shopper

Consumers consult over 10.4 sources over the course of 12–15 hours before making a purchase decision. The research process is long, convoluted and unreliable. How can consumers get the information they need, from the right source, without wasting hours online before finding it?

Embrace the ROBO mindset

Although e-commerce sales are growing exponentially, 93% of all sales are still happening in-store. Consumers cite that they prefer to purchase in a physical store because they know exactly what they are getting and when they are getting it: no waiting 5–7 business days for a product that looks completely different than the picture online.

Even those who prefer to purchase in-store are doing their research online — 70% of them, in fact — because it’s easier to compare products and prices online at different stores, and they can do it on their own time.

Be mobile

96% of people use their phone to get things done, and that includes researching products. And if that weren’t enough, it’s the resource 87% of people turn to first.

With this mega shift in consumer behavior, your mobile sites and apps need to be optimized as if they were a regular site — your most relevant and expert information needs to be front and center. Research shows that actions consumers take on their phone that most precedes a purchase are using a search engine, visiting a retailer website or app, and visiting another website or app. With this in mind, boosting your presence across all digital touchpoints is paramount to getting the right information into the hands of customers when they need it.

Showcase your expertise

Of the 10.4 sources consumers use, many of these are user-generated reviews and retailer copy. But they don’t completely trust any of these sources, so they cross-check to get the best picture.

They do trust store associates, however: in fact, 90% of consumers are more likely to buy when helped by a knowledgeable associate. And with most of their research being on their phone and online, these knowledgeable associates need to be available there, too.

How can you deliver consumers expertise to consumers?

That’s where Welcome comes in. We make product expertise available to consumers, whether they shop online, in-store or on the go. By connecting product experts to consumers online, we streamline that research process.

Visit to learn more about our solutions and how they reduce friction and increase revenue for your business.

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