Meet… Alison J Carr

How do you celebrate and advocate for women and / or the exploration of space / place?

In my art practice I like to find women from the mid 20th century and consider their creative labour. It’s often lost in the images — their skill, ability, creativity, lost in service to the image. And I see if I can reinvigorate that, bring to the surface something else that person that might infer her complexity a little more. In terms of space, I photograph theatre interiors and I’m always looking to see how these have been visually coded — presenting gender and class within the decoration. If we begin to see these visual clues, we’ve got a chance of disavowing their implications.

Imagine if….

Imagine if we did not assume that someone is stupid, or less than, or unimportant if they have a command of their visual presentation of self.

You arrive at the gates of Ladyland, and you see…

Public toilets

What main problem should Ladyland solve?

Universal basic income. Eliminate poverty and and everything is opened up!

Thank you, Alison!

Alison J Carr is an artist interested in the performance of femininity, theatres as sites of display, what it means to be hyper-visible and invisible, loud and voiceless, powerful and powerless. She uses archival and found materials with photographs, prints, collages, and performances. Her book: Viewing Pleasure and Being A Showgirl, How Do I Look? is published by Routledge.

Find out more about Ladyland here.



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