Meet… Amber Perrier

How do you celebrate and advocate for women and / or the exploration of space / place?

I celebrate and advocate for Women by sharing their achievements, breaking barriers and lifting each other up through good and bad times.

Imagine if….

You can roam the beach in the night without feeling fear. Being allowed to dress however we want without feeling judged. Be able to get to the top of the career ladder without a being underestimated one cause you’re the XX chromosome. Being able to take paid leave for severe menstrual pains that you cannot control. Going out alone and be with one’s self. Being able to get a property and called it a ‘Bachelorette Pad’. Not being told about your biological clock.

You arrive at the gates of Ladyland, and you see…

Freedom. Fresh air. Positive energy surrounding me. A space where I can block the world and be with my own thoughts.

What main problem should Ladyland solve?

A Peace of Mind from all that is currently happening in today’s world

Thank you, Amber!

Amber Perrier is an artist from UK. Amber studied Fine Art at University of East London then signed up to become a trainee at the Library through Culture& who works in partnership with arts and heritage institutions to develop programmes that promote diversity in the workforce and expand audiences, which lead Amber to work in Community Engagement. Amber’s work involves using Inks and pen drawings on the City of London and illustrations of people. Her artistic flair has engaged with communities in Newham, Tower Hamlets, and Kensington and Chelsea. Amber has delivered commissions and live art illustrations for East End Women’s Museum, Numbi Arts, Somers Town Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, Alternative Fictions, Newington Green Meeting House and The British Library. She has also got involved as an Assistant Curator for ITV creates on behalf of Black History Month in October 2020. ​ She is a Young Trustee of Rosetta Arts Centre in Stratford.

Find out more about Ladyland here.



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