Meet… j o h n r o s

How do you celebrate and advocate for women and / or the exploration of space / place?

everything. all. always. nothing specifically that i want to itemize.

Imagine if….

you didn’t remember how to do anything you’ve ever learnt and had to learn everything all over again.

You arrive at the gates of Ladyland, and you see…

calm. peace. hum.

What main problem should Ladyland solve?

equity in voice across the multitudes — calling in, rather than calling out.

Thank you, j o h n r o s !

john ros is a queer, non-binary, brooklyn-based installation artist. they are a first generation american, born in new york city, to cuban and québécois immigrants who are both classically trained musicians, turned educators. john’s multiform, conceptual installations focus on ritual as performance, space and place, light, sound and time. they see teaching, curating and program development as extensions of their social practice which they have implemented in a number of different projects over the last twenty years.

Find out more about Ladyland here.



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