Meet… Janetka Platun

How do you celebrate and advocate for women and / or the exploration of space / place?

My art often juxtaposes the under represented or unknown lives of historical women into a 21st Century context. We think of public spaces as equal and open to all, but in my work I explore who is allowed to pass through. Whose gaze do we meet?

Imagine if….

(his)tories included (her)stories

You arrive at the gates of Ladyland, and you see…

Women — lots of them. Unafraid, unashamed and unapologetic.

What main problem should Ladyland solve?

Heteronormative assumptions. We don’t want twin beds! And then there’s the patriarchy.

Thank you, Janetka!

Janetka’s practice incorporates sculpture, film and installation. Her art is shaped by phenomenological ideas, posing questions about our existential and moral relationship to our surroundings. These reveal deeper meanings of home, belonging and loss. Her work attends to the inter-relational complexities of people, place, time, memory and desire. Janetka is an Artist Fellow at QMUL. In 2021 she was shortlisted artist for the St Pancras Wires commission. She has exhibited extensively and received awards from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, British Council, Leverhulme Trust, and Arts Council England.

Find out more about Ladyland here.



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