Meet… Lyndsay Smith

How do you celebrate and advocate for women and / or the exploration of space / place?

The world of music technology can be a bit of a boys club. Most recording studios are run by male producers and male sound technicians, which often leaves women in the industry feeling like they have no control over the recording process, only their own performance. Many of the female musicians I’ve worked with have noted that if they’ve dared to ask questions during a recording session, they have had things ‘mansplained’ to them which has left them feeling patronised. I am lucky to belong to a team of amazing female producers. I hold regular webinars and remote one to one sessions with women from around the world, creating a forum where they can feel secure in the knowledge that there really are NO stupid questions. We delve into recording techniques, address software and hardware queries. I help women to gain confidence in recording their own music, rather than having to depend on a man to help or do it for them.

Imagine if….

every industry had strong female leaders who inspired others to try new things without fear of having to do it perfectly first time.

You arrive at the gates of Ladyland, and you see…

Colour…. strikingly beautiful colour. And cake! Because there should always be cake.

What main problem should Ladyland solve?

Ladyland should solve the problem of gender biased industries by not filling children’s minds with the belief that nurses are women and builders are men.

Thank you, Lyndsay!

Lyndsay Smith is a sound artist who lives and works in Coventry. Having trained as a guitarist and drummer from an early age, she went on to study Contemporary Music and Guitar at Nexus Institute of Creative Arts, followed by a BA Hons degree in Music Composition and Professional Practice at Coventry University.

A keen sharer of knowledge, Lyndsay is passionate about encouraging other musicians and producers to do what they can with the equipment they have access to, no matter how basic. Firmly believing that nobody should be limited by a lack of fancy technology, she actively supports other musicians in following their creative ambitions.

Find out more about Ladyland here.



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