The lovely Ghats Of Varanasi

Varanasi is a city of many attractions. However, this city is nothing without its ghats. The star attraction of Varanasi is undoubtedly its ghats. The ghats are the only access to the mighty river Ganga which has been and still continues to be the lifeline of Varanasi.

If you are planning on a trip to this city, then you will have to visit the ghats of Varanasi. But first things first, you need to browse through all the hotels at Varanasi and book a room of your choice in the one that you like the most. Try and select a hotel that is near one of the main ghats of Varanasi. Here are some of the important ghats of Varanasi that you should check out:

1. Dashashwamedha ghat: This is the most important ghat of Varanasi. The star attraction of this ghat is the sandhya aarti or the evening prayer that is held here every day. Brahmin priests perform this aarti while the common people are allowed to sit and watch. This is a splendid affair that people come to witness from far and near. Both locals and tourists alike head out each evening to see this aarti with their own eyes. The Dashashwamdha ghat remains crowded during the morning as well since many locals come here to take a bath and go about their daily activities. Ideally you should look for five star hotels in Varanasi near this ghat in order to enjoy the perfect stay here.

2. Manikarnika Ghat: This is one of the most interesting ghats of Varanasi. The Hindus believe that if one is cremated at this ghat and then their ashes are scattered into the Ganga, then that person achieves freedom from the cycle of life and death. In fact, this fact has a cremation ground where the fire of the pyre never goes out. A very famous temple is also located in this ghat which makes it all the more auspicious.

3. Tulsi Ghat: If you want to single out the most auspicious ghat of this city, then Tulsi Ghat fits the bill. It is believed that Tulsidas had composed his Ramcaritmanas sitting right here at this ghat.

4. Assi Ghat: It is believed that this ghat once marked the meeting point of the river Varuna and Assi. These two rivers do not exist anymore today giving this ghat a mythical flavour.

5. Harishchandra Ghat: Dedicated to Raja Harishchandra this is one of the most typical ghats that you will find in this city.

So, if you want to explore the main ghats of Varanasi, then you should definitely visit the ones given above!

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