Activities to Do in Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is a beautiful hill station nestled in the Satpura Ranges of Madhya Pradesh. From monuments to ancient caves and waterfalls to natural viewpoints, it has a large number of tourist attractions. Also Pachmarhi is a great destination for trekkers, hikers and bikers.

Here is a list of activities to do in Pachmarhi.


Enjoy the trek through the lush green forests of Pachmarhi. Start from the Pandav Caves and go right up to Dhoopgarh and enjoy the spectacular scenic beauty around passing by the gushing waters of the Big Falls. This activity is also arranged by mp tourism hotels in Pachmarhi. If you are a photography enthusiast, then this trail will give ample number of opportunities to click the best shots.

Rock Climbing

One of the best activities to do in this city is Rock Climbing, if you are an adventure lover. The city is lined with the sedimentary rocks in different shapes and height and therefore presenting various levels of challenges to the climber. It is definitely a thrilling experience to find yourself at the top of a rock after crossing many hurdles on the way. After this activity, you can also enjoy the sunset from the top and take some time rejuvenating yourself.


Parasailing is the most enduring activity that can be best experienced in Pachmarhi. It’s like you are flying like a bird over the historical monuments, waterfalls and lush green scenery around. It is the best way to explore a different side of Madhya Pradesh.

Jungle Camping

It is outdoor recreational activity that can be enjoyed through all seasons. You can get a great opportunity to enjoy the environment of jungle while camping in Pachmarhi region. At night time, you can enjoy the camp fire and have a meal under the sky. You will be amazed to see a sky full of stars like never before! Bubbling sound of water, cool breeze and birds chirping complete the ambience of Jungle!

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So, exploring the various allures of Pachmarhi is really a fascinating experience. Take a trip to this amazing hill station and enjoy all these adventurous activities with your family and friends.