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Buck Welderman

Chapter 2://;(

. Well im pretty sure yal are starting to get the idea of how hurt pissed torn scared terrifed worried a dad woulda been im sure the guys are understand alittle more bout that then yal women do i had a few mins to just quicky look some stats up. Didnt have time too break it down much but ul get. The consept im sertian ok east 1/3 ruffly split close to missippi river an central from Ms river to edge of rockys and the west very cude yes if i took a min or two i could break it way down but for the most part i belive it to be accurate each third split its self perty much and very fairly i might add. My stats i chased are the shortest worked by the way but ill show u estamits of coarse i rushed the consept of unsigned bc as for esta single moms and also fatherless children belive it or not east coast was byfar fast completed with a false line perty much between nc — va the scope i figured 9,850,000 folks k might + — 500,000 hard to set a proper border then 6.9 mill in central not much of a. Central change exc. the border towns. Belive it or not chy town i trd to split after. With a pop dence of half over half for land area my results fround north east has a 81% fatherless birthrate so 81% of guys could got the worst news in this life already

The south +- 48% and 6% of that is still born or doa highest country wide.

North central = bible belt belive it still 31% and south 28% but central i just did a quick fig i recivred less than 15% border towns highest per pop

And west coast a ton of babys in so cal but happy familes 34% and 31% pacific nw this was accruid over 50year census data for pop and yearly birth death ratios of 45% death and 55% birth for a very cude year to date total of 48 states exc ak hi pr isls some where round 267,000,000 mil as of census 2017- 326,474,013 so figure 326474013–267000000=50,474,013 gona say maby 25 mill for remainding states witch leaves bout 25 mil un registered or fallen colse to date of census:;//;)

. Introlog. Transmission. Will resume on chapter 3

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