Dig Within: Creative Challenge
Dig Within: Creative Challenge

Monologue — buck welderman.

. diggin for happines

Alittle of me: In the white collar world im non existant matter of fact never wrote publicly im more of a hands on guy ive made my livin welding and not just fixn ur grandpas tractor i travel across the country weldn on “hot lines” in the oil and gas bussiness. Thats as hard and dangeous as it gets. I absolutly love it everyday so this is just a little over view of my life Digging for happiness

I used to tell her baby i love u with all my heart but ive came to realize i didnt ever truly understand the word love my version; Knowlege, thats it! I can get deep with it but thats later. I wanna start out by explainin my two chosen loves of my life. There both something so complex ur never master either. When somethin holds ur intrest u strive to perfect, learn be patiant loyal restectful, most of all u honor ur goals, dreams, and desires! My most special love was this amazingly beautiful down to earth lady, the second well its my art my metal signiture if u will. Weldin is dangrous u get burt every day by 5000deg metal coldest job in the winter and the hottest in the summer in order for career i have to travel where ever it might be, from main to spain! Its hot my arms and neck has got scares on top of scares if ive always had faith and trust jesus. Some folks probly cussin me right now but i would be where im at today if i didnt trust him! Ive been blown up and ive been burried i couldnt have got away if i wanted on either on but i was able to save my babydol moments before the pipe blew up and burt everything from my chest up. My love for life is a struggle of pickin out want do i wanna learn about more today i use to think i had the best life there ever was well at that time yes but my love and pasion grew to be so much more that i ever dreamed the thirst i had for my babydol i never wanted a min apart because and she still is the smartest slyest well shes the most interesting amazingly real Lady. My welding is also somethin i strive to learn as much as i possible can its honestly a 100% escaping portal when my pancake hood goes on its a complety differnt perspective of a life every last one of us try to escape this world from time to time well im in a differnt world 10–15 hrs a day sometime i used to have one goal id set and until id reach it perty fast once i set it until babydol came along i started robbin her ability to expand because i ivested so much time in learnin everything from her toes to the deepest parts of her heart i dug so long and so hard by the tlme i looked up my whole was so deep i could barly see the light at the top. Stay connected the full honest as i can speak it draw dropin story of my life is commin soon.✌🏻

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