All any of us wants is to be happy. My question to you is “Why does that need to be so hard?”
How A Pair Of Rainbow Socks Changed My Life
Tim Denning

Thats all i want to! Well ill just start from the begining well thats been quite awile but at the first i had been workn my butt for 10 days straight at the time i was in the constructin bussiness and we had a really tight deadline to have 4 locations compleated in about 23–24 days with 2 smalls crews it was tuff! I wanna say it was beautiful oct picture perfect day of the 18 and i had completed 1 location 1 day before so it just happend my coworkers and i went in to have a few beers and celebrate no big deal i had buddy i think his name was lubeit or newbit anyways he got ther about 5 mins before anyone and he calls me just as i walked in my front door to make this shorter he tells me that my gf is down at this bar i told him bullshit! I had just gotten out of a horrible relationship durin the summer a year ago before that and at that time in my life i wasnt even considerin a relationship of any sort i had been so hurt by this ol gal and her kids that i couldnt stand to here a women gossipin lies more than 2 mins.! Not meaing nuthin derogatory by no means!! — just setting the mood of how affected my emotions and trust was i lost my only 3 best frinds hell only 3 folks i considered to be good loyal friends i had at that time in my life. I had been on and off with this women since about 5 grade in school and hear i am 21 6 days before our postcard little wedding she wanted. And i of coarse was off working 3 states away it was the night before i was headed home to marry the women of fairytales at that time i was so excited. Did sleep at all that night neither did my 2 11/2 yo daughter and 16 month old son! Well this is were it gets kinda fairytalish because i just dosed off when my alarm went off on the first picture cell fone i ever had so i turned it off jumped up got dreased goin out the door only to realize its 347am well i knew it was my alarm then so i started tryn to find out why my fone was goin crazy it happen to go off simaller of somebody callin a dozen times well wile if was figuring my fancy fone out the last picture came through and it was a picture of my soon to be wife topless and folks at that point in time i was hornery than a 100 rabbits right after a snow storm let me tell ya so of corse it was her blowin me a kiss in the last one so i was excited dang this might be a good thing only to look at the 6 pryer messages where my less than week to be wife is given my two best school buddys head and xxx rated fu**ing wile my 2 1/2 year old daughter was across the room watchin i could see in the pic so that mornin was was july 4 i only member cause she wanted her wedding on her july -9th birthday well i decided it wasnt worth me even goin back at that point i finished out the year got home 10 days before my bday it was cold and snowly already wat do u expect in nov ya kno!?? Never once tryd callen her directly but speakin to her mother on a daily basis i new she had taken my childern and left well after hiren a att before i got home already had. Custody papers all done just file soon as i got in town it server dude looked a whole day for her wasnt able to locate he i went out the next mornin and found 3 of them and my 2 two precious babys had been livin in an old deer cmp cabin with no water eletric heat or air and no windows goin on 5 weeks or sewer babys was sick went straight to the couthouse judge didnt even wait for her he said get them babys home clean and food so i did but it was law at that time they had to be paturnity teated bends “she was gonna keep her lastname” i wasnt alloud to sign bc but come to find out the next monday was the 30 and it was the final 100% just readin off that they was mine and wed go home for good but i did make it very plain she could come over and visit anytime she wanted or take them anywhere if my mother or i was present come to find out i had a shity birthday that year both of my babys wernt mine the judge had no choise to revoke my custody on the spot and sadly to this day i have yet to speak to any of them!! I perty much lost respect for women and the law at that time.. to be continued.. after short break

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