TIG vs. MIG: The Advantages And The Disadvantages

The MIG and TIG welder are one of the best welding machines that are available in the market and are quite popular as well. Each of the welding machines have got their advantages and disadvantages and if you are confused with which welding machine you should pick for working with, then there’s nothing to worry about as here you will get the right solution! To help you out, this article will take a look at TIG vs. MIG: the advantages and the disadvantages.

TIG vs. MIG: The Advantages And The Disadvantages:

Advantages Of TIG:

It doesn’t require any flux and this is because of the inert gas shields molten metal. Therefore, there are no hassles with the slag and inclusion of slag.

This welding machine will easily provide you with high quality and strong welding finishes.

The welding work done with this welding machine will provide you with neat and appealing joints and many times, they don’t need any finishing process to be done on them due to the excellent welding work done with the TIG.

One can easily weld a wide range of materials with TIG.

This welding machine requires the minimum amount of flames and also sparks.

The small heat zone ensures that there is less amount of distortion when working with this welding machine.

One can easily work with this welding machine in both manual and automatic.

This welding machine is suitable for work with very thin sections, as there is less amount of heat applied when welding.

This welding machine offers versatile options when welding with a wide range of materials.

Disadvantages Of TIG:

One can only weld thin materials with this welding machine. This is not suitable for the thick materials.

It will take a lot of time when welding. Welding with this welding machine is time consuming and the speed is slower than any other welding machines available in the market as well. It also has got lower filler deposition rate as well.

It has got high initial cost.

It is quite complicated to be used and mostly used by the professionals and highly skilled welders.

Advantages Of MIG:

Unlike TIG, it has got a faster speed and one can complete the welding job easily. This in return will increase the efficiency of the welding work.

It is very easy to learn and operate the MIG welder, compared to TIG.

It is quite easy to produce good looking weld with this welding machine, without much effort.

It is very clean and efficient to work with.

It is highly versatile and one can work on a variety of materials with this welding machine. It is also used for various home welding works as well.

The quality of the weld and the speed is very good.

Disadvantages of MIG:

It is not much suitable for outdoor welding work.

It takes a good amount of time to prepare the metal from the welding work with this welding machine.

This machine can be quite costly.

The welded materials with this welding machine has got faster cooling rate.

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