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What we must consider optimizing YouTube videos for search engines. First, the title we give to the video. It is important to include the keyword that interests us position. It is clear that our content must be related to the keyword, otherwise the ratio of dropouts hurt us in the long term. The description. It should contain the keywords and also seek consistency and be clear and concise. Remember that both the title small business seo packages and the description play the role of an advertising claim and should be sufficiently attractive. Work the long tail. The long tail is always advisable strategy and, of course, also when it comes to optimize YouTube videos for SEO. Try that keywords are Long Tail and get your position against the competition.

Optimize tags. Use the keywords in the tags and all variants, synonyms and ideas that can local seo business packages be searched. Study the competition. To choose your keywords is the best we analyze the search with the keyword tool of Google, but small business seo packages then analyzes these words on YouTube. Make search and see the keyword’s local seo business packages competition and videos that have more visits. It will give you an orientation of the most appropriate keywords for your content.

Nothing is permanent except change, he said Heraclitus and Google gives proof. There have been many changes brought about the search for the last year and many new products we have to introduce into our routines SEO work. If you want to stay up to date on SEO trends, do not lose small business seo packages sight these terms: If you are still not using, what do you expect? Are used on web pages to describe a specific type of information as an opinion, an event, a company or a person. They are related to the Semantic Web and Google increasingly recommended use. Rich Snippets. We can provide additional information in text fragments that Google shows in the ranking of results. For example, the fragment of a restaurant small business seo packages can show the average price range and opinions. This certainly is an advantage for users and respect our competition. Not provided. Surely you know her and you’re starting to hate her.

Not provided is name that shows Analytic visits that come from users who are loads when visiting our site. The trend is that some tools like this, become paid, at least in its full version. There are some tricks to try to infer from where we get the views Not provided. Try to find some of them. Content marketing. It is no longer just about writing local seo business packages articles with keywords, we must also write quality articles consistently. The quality of content is the key to online marketing in. Please welcome the Content Marketing. Author Rank. The PageRank of the new era.

From now on, the authorship small business seo packages of the contents will be very important in search engine rankings. The author will be the reference quality content. A more Author Rank, better position in the Ranking. If you want to keep up to date on the topic of online marketing and SEO, it is interesting that let see some key events in this country sector. Choose an attractive miniature. No need to repeat that, for the user, a picture is worth a thousand words. YouTube is the number of visits into account. The image you choose, along with an appropriate title, are crucial to get them to click on your video.

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