Does This Flyer Make You Take a Step Back and Think About The World?

It did for me.

This is a flyer for a charity fundraiser taking place in Kenya, the format of which will be practicing an Indian physical and meditative art, in order to raise money for Syrian refugees in Europe.

First: holy crap will live in a globalised world. Indian culture practiced by Africans to benefit Syrians in Europe. I’m going, so add in a American/British ex-pat using a yoga mat made in China.

Second: I’m so used to a narrative of Europeans (and Americans) giving to those in greatest need in Africa. Yet here in Kenya, we’re having a fundraiser for those in greatest need in Europe. And this is coming from a country with roughly half the population of Germany, 1/67th (yes about 1.5%) the GDP, and yet current hosts more refugees than Germany.

This isn’t something frivolous. This is what good hearted people do when they are confronted by big challenges and people in need. And it’s a good reminder that the world is a complicated place that’s inadequately explained by our standard story of rich countries & poor countries.