Introducing — WLS. Talk.

Grab a beer. Let’s talk shop.

by Kal Nguyen

Hey there, folks. My name’s Kal. I’m a designer over at Welikesmall. (Forgive my poor writing — I’m real good with shapes n’ colors, but not so much with deez wordz.) Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working on the agency redesign of Welikesmall. Our team recently just launched that bad boy, and I couldn’t even be more prouder — [Es, eye, see.] Alongside the chaos of a site overhaul, we found ourselves wanting to find new ways to help define the WLS brand — an ol’ dog can learn some new tricks. After a few trips off the beaten path and a quick detour to Vegas, we managed to stumble upon something we think is pretty rad. If you’ve got a few minutes and don’t mind lending me your eyeballs, I’d like to introduce you to a new feature that we done whipped up for y’all.

Introducing WLS. Talk

Talk, talk talk.

Over the next 8 months of meetings and strategizing, we kept revisiting the idea of sharing. By no means a new idea, but in a social world sharing is paramount, and our team loves to do it. Whether it’s voicing a complaint, or conversely, a solution — we want to bounce ideas off each other, whether for the better of our industry, hubris or otherwise. Sharing, chattin’, shootin’ the proverbial cowpie — whatever you call it — we’re all about starting conversations.

We want to give you insight into how we think — the small things that make us Welikesmall. If you’ve got a question on how we did something, why we did it, or why we didn’t—we want you to ask. So I’d like to introduce WLS Talk — a company initiative that includes on-the-fly Q&As, how-to’s, workshops, and just plain ol’ bullshittin’. You ask, we talk. We like questions. We like talkin’.

ECD Mike Kern gives the down n’ dirty on WLS Talk.

Q&As and heartbreak.

Let’s get this WLS Talk train a choo-choo’n. We’ve built a nifty lil’ page on our site that’ll allow you to ask us questions and say whatever you want. Live and on-line, we’re taking your calls — be a first-time caller, stay a long-time listener. Go ahead — you know you want to.

Sit down. I’m not done yet.

Now Q&As are only one part of WLS Talk. Starting with this article, we’ll be rolling out weekly, regularized content. One week might be our Director of Technology, Paul, talkin’ MTB trails and sendin’ it, hard. Another might be our EP, Corey, breakin’ down the strategy of a successful ADC and the power of an ace in League of Legends. We’ve realized the importance of keeping people in the loop — not just knowing an agency, but the individual people behind it all, and what we all bring to the table. Whether you’re a client, a fellow agency, or a passerby unrelated to our line of work, we’re putting ourselves out there for you. It’s almost like Tinder. Almost.

While some of these may be in the form of video — feel free to subscribe to our Periscope, where we’ll be live-streaming some of our answers — we’ll also be writing Medium articles, curating Spotify playlists, making physical props, and who knows, maybe even something like a podcast could be in our future. Anything’s possible. We’re just here to make things, folks.

So be ready to meet the Welikesmall team and see how we get down on the day-to-day. From how we hacked a DJI Osmo Z-Axis to what our Coffee-of-the-Week is. You might even get up close and intimate with some team members, like some face-time with our ACD, Alex, and how he likes to draw his dragons — even if you don’t wanna know. We’ll cover topics like how we built our RED Epic setup, our development workflow, how we utilize new technologies, and just how many Fresh Pots we can (and do) consume in a week.

Enter the dragon — Introducing our ACD, Alex Bell.

I’m super stoked about the things we have in store, and can’t wait to start rolling new content out. Totes appreciate ya if you’ve read this entire article. Extra points if you’ve already asked a question. I wanna meet all your sweet lil’ faces and start making stuff. So chat with us — don’t be scared to get weird with it — we’re doin’ the damn thing. Ain’t no stoppin’ us now.

This article marks the debut of WLS. Talk. Keep an eye out over the upcoming weeks as we rollout more content for your sweet, sweet eyeballs.

Kal Nguyen is a designer/AD at Welikesmall. I bleached my hair to better achieve AZN status.
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