Divorce With Peace-Is It Possible?

Divorce can be a stressful time for both you and your loved ones. No divorce is ever sweet, as the dividing of assets can be time consuming, painful, and drawn out. The wrong divorce attorney can make matters even worse. However, with the following tips, and the right attorney, matters for both you and your spouse will be handled successfully.

When beginning the divorce process, you need to first deal with the emotional trauma. Divorce can be a time of great emotional pain, especially with kids involved. While it may seem difficult, discuss with your family what divorce will mean before you seek out your lawyer. While the right lawyer will understand your feelings of resentment, your attorney is not your therapist. Take time to yourself and make a list of what you want out of the divorce, setting aside your emotions.

It is important to see the positive side of dealing with lawyers and courts. While this part of divorce can seem stressful and painful, finding a lawyer you can “click” with can make matters easier. Part of the reported stress of a divorce is the frustration with a bad lawyer’s antics. Don’t settle for someone who wishes to drag out the proceedings, create a war between you and your spouse, or even has a “take-all” attitude. Ultimately, the wrong attorney just wants to bill you longer, ignoring your best interests.

Dividing up assets can also be worsened by the wrong divorce attorney. This attorney will try to play up bitterness between you and your spouse, convincing you to never compromise, and to fight for sole ownership of shared property, making this process unnecessarily painful. The right attorney will help you to have all the facts and figures in hand to build a sound financial case without animosity or assumptions involves. This includes writing out a complete financial history of your marriage that reflects estimated value of shared property, individual assets, and liabilities.

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