For someone who mentions anger, it seems you are coming from a very angry place yourself.
Marc Lachance

“ ditch the decades of Republican smears and ginned-up attacks,”

There are many illegitimate critiques of Clinton, but there are also many legitimate critiques. She is a hawk. She has a Nixon-level amount of paranoia and shrouds herself in secrecy — which is how she manages to blow up a small problem into a full blown scandal. Like Whitewater, if she was just forthright about the emails in the beginning it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. She does not work for the people, but a wealthy few at the top. She is constantly apologizing for “mistakes” or “misspoke” or “changing her mind”, because she lacks the foresight of a good leader — she is a follower. She surrounds herself with vile people with vile politics (like Kissinger).

The vast majority of Clinton critique from the left comes from fundamental differences in political ideology.

There would be much less division in this country, and war, if partisan hacks took off their blinders and realized while their shit doesn’t stink as bad as the Republicans, it’s still stinks.

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