Five Men Talk About Going Down On Girls
The Hairpin

Hmmm. I have talked to women, a few of them, and they state that their ex’s only ate them about 2 or 3 times in MANY years. I find this extremely strange. There’s only one woman I came across that had a very pungent pussy on a regular basis. I LOVE to eat pussy. When i do, the woman does NOT complain! I think when they see how much I enjoy it, and how much effort I actually put into it, not as a chore, but because I just LOVE doing it, they respond with much pleasure. I get my face right in there. My face is SOAKED in juices when I do it. I don’t just lick and flick my tongue. I also don’t just focus on the clitoris, I’m ALL OVER it. If given the choice of her sucking me OR me eating her, I will invariably eat her, every time! I actually CRAVE it! It’s the one thing that makes me the absolute hottest! of all the kinks and fetishes etc, NOTHING beats eating pussy in my opinion.

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