One Simple Way to Amplify Your Workout Routine

By Amanda Gannon-Welligee Coach

Individuals may enlist the help of a personal trainer in order to take part in an effective workout routine while ensuring completion with proper technique. Another benefit that comes with having a personal trainer is that it is no longer a matter of if you feel like it, but more so that someone is waiting for you and you are expected to show up. Often, for whatever reason, we find it easier to commit to someone else than to ourselves.

This concept goes beyond just the personal trainer. Support, encouragement, and motivation are found in family members, friends, or acquaintances that share similar wants and desires. When we can talk through the highs and lows of our journey towards a goal with someone that understands, a sense of community as well as realism sets in. Being our own toughest critics, sometimes we are made to feel like we have to face challenges alone with the fear that others will see the peaks and plummets and cast judgment. This could not be more false (and if that is the case with your “support” group, it is time to find a new one!) It is the reality that some days are going to be better than others, and that you will never lose the support of the individual or group standing behind you that pushes you to reach limits past your expectations.

Although this is true for many life scenarios, it is particularly true in exercise. Studies have shown that individuals that take part in group exercise classes or other formal partnerships related to health and wellness are more likely to stay committed to their plan long term than those that try it out on their own. On top of that, it has been observed that individuals working out with a partner or group experience less perceived exertion while actually increasing their physical output. What does this mean? Feel like you’re working LESS while gaining MORE from your workout. Who can argue with that?

For those that have taken part in an exercise routine for any given amount of time, you can probably vouch for the fact that it is just as much psychological/emotional, if not more, than it is physical. Often, it is the psychological barriers that hold us back to a much larger extent than anything our bodies are capable of. Having the support of a community that has most likely shared one or more of your obstacles can work wonders towards overcoming those barriers and allow you to see that you are fully capable of getting to where you want, and deserve, to be.

At the end of the day, it comes back to accountability. It is much easier to write off an exercise session that is only affecting you alone than when you know there is a group waiting for you. Even if you are dead tired from the day, the fun, energetic atmosphere is going to be there to power you through your workout, leaving you feeling successful instead of guilty.

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Originally published at on May 6, 2015.

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