The Best Walkway Materials With Top Ideas & Designs

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Homeowners become so focused on built-in barbecues, swimming pools and other big-frills landscaping that walkways don’t often get the attention they deserve.

Walkways are not only necessary for getting from point A to point B, they also provide opportunities to create focal and other points of interest in the yard while facilitating good flow.

Fortunately, a variety of material choices, colour combinations and designs are available to complement any landscape and this article will guide you through the walkway design process.

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How to Determine The Width & Placement of Your Walkway?

During the planning process, ask yourself some honest questions about how you’ll use the walkway.

  • Will people use it while walking side-by-side?
    • Will kids be buzzing up and down on bikes and trikes or will you be wheeling trash cans over it?
    • How much daily traffic will the walkway receive?
    • How visible is the walkway from the street or main areas of the backyard?
    • Are there points of interest along the walkway for guests to enjoy?

Choosing the Right Walkway Materials

Clay Brick Pavers –

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Because clay bricks have been used in landscaping for centuries, they often feature prominently in the yards of historical homes and districts. A red brick walkway adds a sense of age and elegance to a home while offering excellent durability and more flexibility because brick is less sensitive to cracking and individual bricks can be popped out for repair with relative ease.

Traditional red bricks are made from clay in red, orange and brown hues that provide a pop of color that contrasts nicely with green lawns and colorful landscaping. Use tumbled or recycled brick for a rustic look or lay them in interesting patterns like herringbone, basket weave, runner and more. You must consider hiring the best paving services in Perth to get high quality materials in a range of designs which is suitable for you.

Depending on the look you’d like to achieve, concrete pavers that look a lot like clay bricks are on the market and can be installed with greater ease, due to their interlocking nature (versus setting individual bricks in mortar).

Gravel –

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Two big benefits of using gravel as a walkway material: It’s easy to lay and inexpensive. All you need to do is decide where you’d like your walkway, lay down some landscape fabric (to avoid weeds) and pile on the gravel, however, to prevent the gravel from spreading you’ll need to install some kind of edging if you don’t already have one.

Plastic edging is the most inexpensive choice but you could use paving stones, brick pavers or even larger rocks to contain the gravel.

Among all types, clay bricks are the best option when it comes to pavement. You can implement a number of designing ideas along with a range of colours.

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