Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy: Facts You Need to Know

Menopause — the most challenging phase in every woman’s life can actually be delayed with help from bio-identical hormone therapy!

More or less the same therapy Samantha from Sex and the City was dependent upon. However, bio-identical hormone therapy is vastly different than the popular HRT in many ways.

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy — Understanding How It Works

In the beginning, bio-identical hormone therapy was used as a marketed term for custom-compounded hormones.

Today, the term refers to something more, compounds that have the same molecular and chemical structure as naturally produced hormones in the body according to The North American Menopause Society.

Global interest in this therapy took off in 2002, immediately after an extensive study called Women’s Health Initiative was suddenly halted by researchers. The study found post-menopausal women taking HRT were more susceptible to increased risk of:

■Breast cancer

■ Heart attack

■ Stroke

■ Other health concerns

Many women stopped taking hormone replacement therapy as a result, causing researchers and health practitioners to begin looking for alternatives. Enter bio-identical hormone therapy — a natural therapy which offers the same hormones that are produced in the body.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Facts — Menopause and Andropause

Men and women both go through a period in life when severe hormonal changes or imbalances result in a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Increased risk of heart disease, low libido, and an increased body mass index are some symptoms.

HRT or hormonal replacement therapy is often prescribed to help replenish hormones lost to menopause and andropause. This therapy uses synthetic prescription medication to mimic effects of lost hormones that were otherwise produced naturally in the body.

Integrative medicine practitioners like Well Life Family Medicine offers men and women a better solution in the form of BHRT i.e. a therapy that uses plant-based ingredients to balance hormones.

The Ideal Candidate For This Therapy — Do I Need Hormones?

You may be wondering whether or not this therapy is ideal. There are some things to consider before trying this therapy… especially since both men and women can easily undergo BHRT.

Men and women age differently yet both suffer from symptoms caused by decreasing reproductive hormone levels. You are an ideal candidate for the therapy if:

You are a woman and suffer from:

■Mood swings

■ Hot flashes

■ Fuzzy thinking

■ Decreased sexual libido

■ Headaches

■ Rapid weight gain

■ Night sweats

You are a man and suffer from:

■ Insomnia or poor sleep

■ Lack of sex drive

■ Increased body mass

■ Difficulty in maintaining erections

■ Depression

■ Irritability

■ General lack of motivation

Do you find yourself nodding along each point? BHRT is the best option available right now. Just make sure you know where to find the best treatment! Head to Texas based Well Life Family Medicine and see what they can do!