The organic skincare we all have been waiting for

Epiceuticals® (formerly known as Cosminology) was created by Dr. Dima Ali, M.D. and inspired by her personal sensitivity to harsh, over the counter and prescription strength topical treatments. As a long-time acne sufferer with a propensity for hyperpigmentation, Dr. Dima began to combine varying strengths of potent, rejuvenating ingredients with natural, anti-inflammatory botanical extracts and essential oils to treat her own skin conditions and those of her patients. Therefore, Dr. Dima’s Epiceuticals organic skincare line was born.

Inspiration for Organic Skincare Line

Dr. Dima believes that healthy, beautiful skin empowers the individual to look better and feel better about themselves whether they have an adverse skin condition or not. Cosminology’s Dermacles Clinical Skincare is clinically, physically and emotionally healing. It began as a decision to do what was best for her patients. It then became a very personal desire to heal her own scar. Finally, it evolved into a more “cosmic” desire to share this with anyone who can benefit. Dr. Dima describes Cosminology as a “true labor of love” and, as she reminds her patients who call her and her team “earth angels,” don’t just believe in miracles…expect them! Below are the twelve products that make up Dr. Dima’s Epiceuticals Organic Skincare and the ingredients that make it so beneficial.

Global Debris Remover Get Cosmically Naked — $25.00

  • Hydrating makeup remover — for face and eyes, can be used as conditioner for eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids — smooths skin texture and improves dehydration
  • Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E

So Universally Clean Gentle Cleanser — $48.00

  • Non-foaming anti-oxidant cleanser — removes debris and impurities without stripping away moisture (essential prod. For skin’s healing after any dermatologic treatment)
  • Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E

Beam Me Off! Acne Buster — $25.00

  • Acne spot treatment — dries breakouts, reduces redness and inflammation, prevents scarring
  • Key Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Retinol

Hi-Plutonic C Daylight Anti-Oxidant Cream — $88.00

  • Vitamin C Day Cream — protects against signs of damage (wrinkling, age spots), continued use lessens fine lines, evens discoloration and skin roughness
  • Key Ingredients: Vitamin C

Cosmic Ray Shield Your Skin’s Solar Eclipse — $38.00

  • Hydrating sunscreen — prevents collagen breakdown, can be used on sensitive and acne prone skin
  • Key Ingredients: Micronized Zinc Oxide (blocks ionizing UVA/UVB cosmic rays), Tamanu Oil (stimulates collagen, reduce redness), Aloe Vera, Beta Carotene (antioxidant reduce effects of sun damage)

Galactic Glove Seal Your Skin Serum — $75.00

  • Serum — protective layer on skin, helps dry, mature skin and treats acne breakouts, inflammation and enlarged pores
  • Key Ingredients: Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Ceramides (lipid, rebuilds skin barrier)

Big Bang Rx — $175.00

  • Anti-aging rejuvenating cream (can dry out area around mouth and nose b/c Retin A)
  • Key Ingredients: Retin A, Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Peptides, Botanical Extracts

Fault Line Defender Anti-Oxidant Cream — $88.00

  • Night Cream — enhances collagen and elastin, improves skin tone and texture
  • Key Ingredients: Vitamin A, Copper, Alpha Lipoic Acid (antioxidant, improve complexion and inflammation), Co-Q-10 (antioxidant, boost cell renewal and encourages repair of damaged skin)

Galactic Core Your Pores Anti-Matter Mask — $38.00

  • Face Mask — hydrates, tones and tightens, draws out impurities under skin, minimizes pores
  • Key Ingredients: Pumpkin Enzymes (effective for cellular renewal)

Illuminating Moon Rock Anti-Matter Polish — $44.00

  • Gentle exfoliator — resurfaces skin without irritation or scratching
  • Key Ingredients: Skin brightening crystals, red algae extract

Heal Me at the Speed of Light Recovery Gel — $38.00

  • Cooling gel — soothes, renews and heals skin after sun exposure, sunburn, damaged skin
  • Key Ingredients: Red Sea Algae Extract (moisture, nourish), Aloe Vera, Vitamin E