Is difficulty, fear, & uncertainly reason to quit?

Last weekend, my girlfriend Kristen and I decided to drive up to a little town about 90 minutes Northeast of San Diego called Julian to go hiking.

Julian is known for it’s apple orchards and their delicious apple pie (which we had of course after our hike) :)

You can’t go to Julian and not have apple pie.

Let’s talk for a sec about this 6 mile hike we did.

It was a beautiful (hot) sunny day.

We got going on this hike and were immediately challenged with a steep incline.

“OK, maybe it’s just like this at the start” we thought.


More incline.

30 minutes into the hike, no signs telling us if we’re heading in the right direction, how much further to go, nothing.

The sign we did see stated… “Beware of mountain lions and rattlesnakes”.

More incline.

Of course after seeing the mountain lion warning sign, every noise we heard has us paranoid thinking a mountain lion was following us, just waiting for the perfect time to attack.

“Why haven’t we seen anyone yet?”

“Why is there no one else out here hiking?”

“Are we even going the right way?”

“Is the entire hike an incline?”

‘Whose idea was this anyways?”

“Do we keep going?”

We did our homework prior to the hike.

We read online reviews from others about this hike and they were all positive.

Although no one mentioned how the trail was almost entirely uphill.

It was more challenging than we had expected.

Was unexpected difficulty reason to quite?

No one mentioned the mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

That said, no one mentioned it being a concern either.

Was fear reason to quite?

There were no signs telling us how much further we had to go.

No signs but there was a well worn path we had followed from the start.

Was uncertainty reason to quite?

We decided to keep going, keep hiking.

Regardless of the incline, regardless of how hot it was, regardless of the mountain lions and rattlesnakes, regardless of the fact no one else was out there.

We decided to keep going.


Because we committed.

We committed to hiking that trail.

Were the conditions what we expected?


Was that reason to stop?

Absolutely not.

The conditions we expect often times don’t match up to what we get.

But that’s just life isn’t it?

We can’t control the conditions we encounter on our way to achieving the goals we’ve committed to.

I don’t know about you but my goals aren’t conditional.

“I’ll get this hike done only if it’s the kind of terrain I like.”

“I’ll train for this marathon only if the training isn’t to exhausting.”

“I’ll commit to losing weight only if I don’t have to give up too much.”

“I’ll eat healthy only if it’s not to inconvenient for me.”

“I’ll start my business only if I know everything there is to know about sales & marketing.”

Goals are goals.

Commitments are commitments.

We make them, we keep them, we go after them.

Regardless of challenges.

Regardless of fear.

Regardless of uncertainty.

Regardless of the conditions.

It’s our decisions, not the conditions, that’ll determine our outcomes.

It felt awesome completing the hike, especially with the unexpected conditions we experienced.

Overcoming the challenges, fear, and uncertainly and continuing on.

And the apple pie afterwards?

It tasted that much better because of it.

Regardless of the conditions, keep moving forward.


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