High Priorities = High Results

Ryan Fahey
7 Habits of Highly Effective People

When we focus on the highest priorities we can achieve outstanding results.

Recently I was refreshing my knowledge of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people when I came across habit three: Focus on Your Highest Priorities.

I started thinking about what this meant. What does it mean to truly focus on your highest priorities? How can you do this day in and out?

The first thing you need to do is to define your priorities. What do you want to get out of life? What are you passionate about? What do you want to put energy in to?

Priorities are unique to you. Word of advice, don’t let other peoples’ priorities become yours because they may not actually be yours. They cannot truly be high priorities until they are YOUR priorities.

Simply put, do not spend your time in Q3 and Q4 if you can help it.

After you have defined your high priorities, the next step is committing to your high priorities each day, week after week. Commitment to this will generate effectiveness and high results.

Before we go further, let me explain to you the difference between high priorities and average priorities.

Average priorities can be anything from this list below:

  1. Rushing home after work to watch Netflix
  2. Doing extra work because you feel as though you need to
  3. Skipping breakfast to sleep in extra early
  4. Saving money to buy something just because it is ‘new’
  5. Doing trivial work that does not fill your spouse and takes time away from them

High Priorities include:

  1. Working to transform a hobby into a project with an end goal
  2. Reading at least 30 minutes per day
  3. Packing your lunch and snacks to avoid eating out
  4. Saving money to invest in your family’s future
  5. Spending quality time with your spouse
  6. Exercising daily with equal rest and recovery

You can see the difference here. Just because you do not have high priorities does not mean that your priorities are bad. It simply means that you should not expect to reap high quality results from average quality priorities. If you are ok with that, that is fine.

However, if you have established your high priorities you can reap some amazing results by living with effectiveness over time. I wrote about this recently in my blog, “When Momentum Takes Over”.

If you commit to working and investing in your high priority areas it will set you up for a rich and fulfilling life beyond your wildest dreams.

My encouragement for you today is this. If you need to re evaluate your priorities I encourage you to set aside 30 minutes each morning this week to re establish your top (high) priorities.

Spend that time shifting away from what others seem to expect from you and focus instead on what you expect of yourself.

You can have as little as two or three or as many as twenty. It is up to you. Once you have re established those, I want you to commit the next 21 days to focusing and driving tremendous energy into your high priorities. You will start to see the benefits flow out into you life.

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