It Is Easy To Be Negative

Photo Credit: November Project Canada

The easiest diploma in the world to get is the diploma of negativity. It is presented daily to people all over the world. In fact, it has been awarded to so many people that it provides very little value. Still people chose it.

Negativity is easy.

I was recently at a talk at New York University Abu Dhabi Campus where I heard famous explorer Robert Swan captivate a room of people all eager to learn about environmental sustainability and true leadership. It was raw and ground breaking.

One of the big ideas he threw at us was this idea that negativity is easy. The media grabs onto negativity and exploits it. We love reading about it. We love watching it. We love how it feels to know that we may be in a better place than someone else due to the negative news around them and not ourselves.

However, that day Robert challenged us to think more positively and to share more positive news of the world. That is what I am passing to you today.

I once heard an amazing quote by Abder-Rahman Ali which said,

Always be positive, look at the positive side of any circumstance you face. You only have two options. If you don’t fill your mind with positive thoughts, it will be filled with negative thoughts instead.

Simply put, if you cannot stand the positive company of others, how can you stand the positive company of yourself? We attract two types of things to us daily.




Each day we have a unique opportunity to feed one and cast out the other. We can feed one and simultaneously starve the other. Let negativity starve it’s way out of your life.

My encouragement for today: Be Positive; Always.

This statement which was modified from Author Seymour Schulich sums this up well in our day to day lives:

It is easy to sing when life flows along like a beautfiul song. But the true test of a man is how he sings when everything around him has gone dead wrong.

Think about this for a minute. It is easy to be positive when life is great. When work is good. When the money seems endless and you are without illness. However, how do you react when everything is falling apart and you feel that the whole world is against you? You know what those days feel like. If you don’t, you soon will.

In life, it is not a matter of if something bad will happen to you; it is a matter of when. And when this happens the easiest thing for us to do is be negative. In these trials sometimes the hardest possible thing to do is to remain positive.

Last year I was presenting a staff wellness workshop in beautiful Pigeon Lake, Alberta. I opened up the floor to hear from some of the administrators and staff to share their wellness journey’s and I will never forget what one Principal said to me. She said, “Ryan we are either in a storm, approaching a storm or leaving a storm.” Incredible way to sum up life.

Whether you are approaching a storm in your life, in a storm in your life; or leaving a storm behind I encourage you to think about how you can greet the triumph and disaster with the same level of positivity each day.