Hair Analysis Testing Provides Metabolic Screenings

Metabolic problems can cause a number of health issues, including low levels of energy. With the help of a Nutritional Balancing program, these underlying metabolic problems can be corrected, resulting in higher energy levels and improved overall health. The first step to have one of these programs created is hair analysis testing. Wellness Shopping Online offers hair mineral analysis test kit that make it easy to have hair evaluated. This type of testing helps determine the metabolic type, whether or not toxic metals are present, and whether or not there are dietary issues that might affect metabolism, such as eating too many carbohydrates.

Wellness Shopping Online offers mineral hair analyses that are designed to measure the amount of certain types of minerals in an individual’s body. Some of the minerals that are measured include magnesium and calcium, as well as ratios of minerals that are associated with metabolism, such as the NA/MG and CA/K ratios.These tests also measure the levels of toxic metals in the body, including lead and mercury.

Hair analysis testing is a safe and non-invasive process that is simple and convenient for individuals to undergo. It involves sending a sample of hair to a laboratory for proper evaluation done under strict standards. Dr. Lawrence Wilson, a nutritional expert, reviews all tests in order to come up with a Nutritional Balancing program for each individual. Those who have hair analyses done receive thorough information on their results and personalized Nutritional Balancing program.

Wellness Shopping Online offers mineral hair analysis consultations. Individuals can also purchase a hair mineral analysis test kit, as well as retests, which must be conducted every 3 months. Test kits are available as part of a basic program or as part of a hair analysis program and graph. Please visit us to view our full selection of mineral hair analysis products.

ARL Hair Analysis for Metabolic Issues

Issues that affect metabolism, such as underlying medical conditions, toxic metals or nutritional problems, can reduce energy levels and lead to several other problems. Having an ARL hair analysis done to measure mineral levels can provide information that allows nutritional experts to design a Nutritional Balancing program. This program helps alleviate symptoms caused by metabolic problems. This type of testing is done by Analytical Research Labs, a hair analysis lab that specializes in measuring mineral levels in hair, to determine what might be causing metabolic problems. These tests can show evidence of dietary problems, such as not eating enough protein or the presence of lead or other toxic metals. They can also reveal other issues related to metabolism, which can lead to lower energy levels.

Analytical Research Labs measures the levels of a number of micro and macro minerals found in the body. These include sodium, calcium and several other minerals, as well ratios -such as the ZN/CU ratio,that can affect metabolism. These analyses also show the presence of arsenic, lead and other types of toxic metals that are in the body.

Wellness Shopping Online offers ARL hair analysis test kits that individuals can use to have their mineral levels evaluated by a nutritional expert. Dr. Lawrence Wilson carefully reviews the results of these tests and uses this information to design a Nutritional Balancing program for metabolic problems. Individuals can simply send in a hair sample to the hair analysis lab to have it evaluated. Once their results are reviewed, they will receive detailed information on them, as well as guidance on their customized Nutritional Balancing program.

Individuals can find mineral hair analysis kits on Wellness Shopping Online, along with consultations and retests. Please browse our entire selection of hair analysis products, which includes basic testing programs and ones that come with a test kit and graph.