My 5 design answers

An intro to my thoughts as a human centered product designer.

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This is me and my friend Pizza the cat reuniting. As you can see we are both excited to see each other.

Tell us who you are in one sentence.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you do?

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“If I was not a designer…Motorcycle Builder, Carpenter, Diamond Thief, National Geographic Photographer, Farmer, Writer, Time Traveler, and the list goes on. Honestly I believe that no matter what I would be doing, a design mentality would play a role, it’s just who I am and not so much who I’ve chosen to be.”

What is something you wished you designed, either because you love it, or because you feel you could have done it better?

What was your biggest design mistake?

What advice would you give someone entering the design field?

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Human Centered Product Designer. Current Prod. Design Lead @ Cadent — Past Prod. Design @ Comcast, EPAM, CoFounder @ ElectNext.

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