Though I Have Fallen, I Will Rise Again

Throughout these past six months, my life has spiraled out of control.

Let me elaborate a little: I have gone from being a disciplined, organized, and focused college student to a commitment-deterred and emotion-driven individual with a distinct feeling of purposelessness.

This is not the life that I want for myself and I know that this is not the real me.

I’ve been depressed. I’ve let myself go. I’ve never done change well, unless it was change that I initiated and could control. Unfortunately, change sometimes comes any ways whether we like it or not. I suppose that change can either make or break someone. I chose to let it break me. Consequently, I’ve been going with the emotional flow: however I feel when I get up in the morning, whether it be sad, angry, or frustrated, is how I’ve spent my days as of late.

Truth be told: only dead fish go with the flow.

I’ve decided that it is time to take control of my life again and not let my emotions run the show. I’ve always loved writing, whether it be for a homework assignment for English class or for personal amusement. With that in mind, I’m starting this blog to give myself an outlet to pour my thoughts into and to have a place to document my discoveries and adventures.

“New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” — Lao Tzu
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