He smiled at me in the subway, across the aisle. I smiled back, blushing. He had the deepest, greenest, most alluring eyes I’d ever seen. They were beautiful. He was beautiful. His smile was something that could bring light into a dark place. A smile that could warm up a freezing cold room. Right then, I knew. I had found the love of my life. There, right across from me. On this journey — in this train — I had not only gotten to my destination, but to my head. Because this wasn’t true love. As the subway doors opened, I saw her sit down by him. Her hand grabbed his, as she smiled a beyond perfect smile. Her blonde, windswept hair was messy in her face, yet she was still gorgeous. Babe, I missed you, he exclaimed, pushing her hair off her cheek and kissing her softly. I should have known.