Health and tech during a pandemic

Health and tech during a pandemic

The coronavirus has been thrust upon us and become a part of our daily lives. The global community is still learning how to best deal with this global pandemic, but there are things we can all do on a personal level to help mitigate this highly infectious disease by parlaying the technology literally at the palm of our hands. By now we know the general rules of washing your hands, avoid touching your face, social distancing, etc. At Welltech1 we believe in using wellness tech alongside best practices to stay healthy. Wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are necessary during this pandemic; technology can help us not just in preempting sickness but also in managing the stress of our life under quarantine.

Health tech basics

If one positive thing will come out of this global pandemic it is that people will pay more attention to their hygiene and health. Global awareness regarding the importance of health is only going to increase, alongside the increased reliance on technology (particularly mobile) to help us maintain good health.

Now is a good time as any to start eating healthier, working out regularly (in isolation), sleeping 7+ hours a night, and finding natural ways to manage stress. To do so there are wellness startups in Israel and around the globe which are helping us better our health in this battle against the coronavirus. Washing one’s hands has been the silver bullet in helping stop the virus’s spread, which is why the Israeli startup Soapy is so important right now.

One of the key pillars of a healthy immune system is a rested body, so it’s a good idea to use the Sleeprate app which helps a user manage and improve their sleep. Meditation is something anyone can do and has shown to be a way for people to manage their stress daily. Tech has become a good entry point to begin this practice with the popularity of apps like Calm and Headspace. Preemption and being prepared physically and mentally is in our control, and if sickness does strike, we can take solace in the fact we did all we could to prepare using today’s tech.

Life under quarantine

As many citizens of the world are living under a version of quarantine it is important to prepare for this inevitability; you may be under quarantine as you read this. There are two aspects to this challenge, the physical and the mental. Physical activity is strongly connected to mental sharpness, managing anxiety, and handling difficult emotions. Being in close quarters with one’s family for a two-week stretch may be mentally taxing for many people, but there are things one can do to help manage those feelings.

Like “cabin fever” during the winter months, intense exercise can help burn off any extra energy one has. This could be anything from using a treadmill or stationary bike (Peloton) to watching videos and doing bodyweight exercises. A popular app which enables you to take on-demand fitness classes at home is Obe, as is Down Dog, an app for yoga enthusiasts. Managing your nutrition with an app such as MyFitnessPal is important during this time as your eating schedule (and access to some foods) may be disrupted.

Managing our mental health, particularly anxiety (as there is so much that is still unknown about the virus) is key during these times. For those dealing with anxiety as a result of feeling overwhelmed because of all those around them or because of isolation, the CalmiGo device can help you manage those raw, difficult feelings. There is such a big question mark on where things are headed, and how long this will last for that global anxiety levels have skyrocketed.

Sometimes we need a professional in order to help us navigate through a period of high stress such as the one we are currently going through. Visiting a therapist is out of the picture for the foreseeable future but using therapy apps such as TalkSpace and BetterHelp could serve to help manage difficult emotions. There are those who look at this period as a challenge, and as an opportunity to better themselves (as they have an excess of free time); they would be encouraged to check out apps such as Happify. This app helps one take control of their thoughts and improve their life by offering tools based on cognitive behavior therapy and positive psychology.

Perspective, and resilience during this time are important traits when facing this global challenge which has pushed many countries’ health care systems to the edge. Sadly, one of the pillars of health, meaningful in person relationships, will have to become digitized as we don’t know how long this virus will last for. But if anything, the world has woken up to the importance of personal hygiene and why we need to take active steps to be healthy. There are no excuses to begin healthy habits today as apps which can drastically improve your life are just a click away.

Welltech1 invests in and accelerates wellness startups with the goal of increasing viability, seeking additional investment and connecting to global partners immersed in the wellness market. Welltech1 provides startups with the know-how to scale, a dedicated professional team of wellness experts, business advisors, and global partners a gateway to accessing the global $4.5 trillion wellness market. To learn more click here.




Welltech1 invests in and accelerates Israeli wellness startups

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Welltech1 invests in and accelerates Israeli wellness startups

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