The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has officially adopted Wellvis’ COVID-19 Triage Tool as a means to amplify its screening and surveillance efforts. It is accessible via

The Wellvis “COVID-19 Triage Tool” uses responses to clinically and epidemiologically-relevant questions to categorise users into low, medium and high risk, with each risk category being educated on the appropriate next steps as described by the NCDC.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and its subsequent spread around the world, we have worked on sensitizing and helping the public understand what is going on and what to do to be safe and…

Wellvis is a growing community of people passionate about their health and wellbeing in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa.

It was borne out of the desire to help Africans easily access nuanced and tailored health information through the internet, and to improve access to relevant health workers, facilities, services and products.

Wellvis went public on the 9th of July, 2019, and since then has seen usage across Africa and Asia. Below are a few stats from Wellvis since the launch;

  • 68% of first-time users of Wellvis from July 9 to Dec. 30 were from Nigeria, 10% each from Kenya and…

We are on a Mission.

Wellvis Health

Solving Africa’s healthcare challenges is not the most enjoyable thing to do but we feel some people have to do it anyway. Some people could be anyone, so why not us, considering we have the capacity? With technology, the right partnerships, and the right processes, we believe we can make little impact, perhaps a big one!

It’s about everyone.

The Wellvis idea was borne out of the desire to connect our friends and family to a platform where they can find the right and personalized answers so we can at least reduce the hour-long phone…

Wellvis Health

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