A little rough around the edges.

Today’s blog post is written by Jeni Coxe, an optician at Oakland Vision Center Optometry where Dr. Gill, the founder of We Love Eyes, is the clinical director of patient care.

When Dr. Gill started We Love Eyes at the end of 2014, she would talk about the prevalence of demodex mites at Oakland Vision Center Optometry. She was in the office testing eyelash samples under a microscope from different patients that were having very similar problems as I was. During this time I was personally experiencing a lot of burning in my eyes on a daily basis. It was starting to bother me.

One day I overheard Dr. Gill talking about the tea tree makeup remover oil she formulated. At first I was too embarrassed to tell her that I didn’t know you were supposed to remove your eye makeup nightly. I was utterly clueless. Dr. Gill gladly gave me a sample of the makeup remover and asked me to come without makeup to work the next morning . . . I was to be tested for demodex mites, gulp. Sure enough I tested positive for demodex mites, gulp again.

I have since been using the tea tree makeup remover oil with cotton pads and the tea tree eyelid foaming cleanser and my eyes feel tremendously better. I feel fortunate to have found this product so easily in my backyard. Because if I had gone to look for a makeup remover, I would have been overwhelmed by all the choices and certainly not know which one would not irritate my skin. I’m a tough woman, but it’s also nice to have those rough edges softened especially when it comes to my eyelashes.

Jeni Coxe


Originally published on May 16, 2015.

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