What it’s like to bank with a branchless bank

Quick Video From Simple On How They Do Things.

Update 1.10.16:
This week
Jon Michaels wrote to me and told me that he was having trouble setting up this Amazon Dash hack. We emailed back and forth trying to troubleshoot his situation and Jon ended up solving his own issue. He’s done a fantastic write up of the problem he…

Apple’s WWDC 2015 Keynote just finished up, here’s what marketers need to know.

iOS 9

This version of iOS brings even more context aware features. For example, plug-in your headphones and get the “now playing” controls on your lock screen. When you’re getting a phone call from an unknown number, iOS will take a guess by searching through emails. The new search screen will show…

Google’s 2015 I/O Keynote just finished. Here are the highlights for what’s important to marketers.

Android Pay

Google unveiled it’s answer to Apple Pay. Just like Cupertino’s product you’ll use your existing debit cards, it will be NFC based checkout, and it will have it’s own unique branding and “stickers” at POS. It will also be able to be used as an app plugin. More info here.

This grid layout I use helps keep everything in view on my 27" thunderbolt display at work. I can work in Chrome, keep an eye on my Instagram with Carousel, check Twitter, and see my emails come in.

Some people have asked me to keep a list of the desktop apps I use everyday, so here it is!

UPDATE 1.25.16:
Focus is a new addition to the EDC of my macbook. This app is dead simple, block out the digital distractions in your work day. The standard black listed sites are pretty good, but I love the fact that you can whitelist just a few sites (ex. google docs)…

Facebook’s F8 keynote just wrapped up a little bit ago. I’ve gone ahead and outlined some of the highlights as they pertain to marketers.

The Move to Virtual Reality

  • 5 years ago most content shared on FB was text, now it’s video, looking forward FB thinks content like VR/AR is next
  • Spherical videos coming to…

Now that the Apple Keynote is over, I wanted to provide some snapshots about how todays announcements could impact marketers. If you are looking for a short brief of the entire event, check here.

Apple TV

  • Apple TV, lower price, $69
  • HBO Now — $14.99 a month, first month free through AppleTV…

TED Talks are great, but sometimes you need to go off the beaten path. Here are some of my favorite places to find inspiration:

How I made a few bucks on Wall Street with minimal effort and very little understanding of how the stock market works.

UPDATE 4.17.20:
5 years & 919K+ views later. Back in 2015 I posted about my experience trading on Robinhood, I never knew this article would take off like this. Thanks again for reading.

Here’s a video they produced to help explain the app.
The App has a super simple interface that is sure to win design awards.

How The App Works

To get a Robinhood account you’ll sign-up…

Google and Apple are working to build a Smart Home that is user friendly, but who will make the first learning home?

This is the smart home experience that’s been promised to consumers for years. In the past few months there have been developments that make it seem that this promise could be coming soon.

This summer both Google and Apple presented their solutions for the language divide among smart home devices…

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