Fargo on FX

Fall television update

I’ve quit watching Pitch, fallen behind on The Exorcist, This is Us, and Designated Survivor.

Son of Zorn and Speechless remain my two consistently watched shows. I’m very impressed that Speechless is able to keep things fresh every week. In “I-n-s-Inspirations” J.J. and Kenneth take advantage of the public sympathy they receive due to J.J.’s disability, to great effect.

I’ve also finally watched the first season of the FX television show Fargo (has it really been over two years?). I was skeptical at first about a television version of the Coen brother’s 1996 film. FX did exactly what they needed to do and created a show that is almost completely removed from the events of the film, relying on its own characters and story but embracing the fantastic setting. There is a slight but powerful and narratively essential connection between the film and the television show.

Set 10 years later, the FX show is a dark, sometimes surreal crime comedy with incredible performances from an ensemble cast. Allison Tolman, Billy Bob Thornton, and Martin Freeman are an absolute blast to watch as their “Fargoverse” characters. The fact that there is such thing as a “Fargoverse” continuity makes me very happy, and I’m giddy to start the second season.