3 simple ways to make time for meditation for busy moms!

We all know that meditation is good for us. Just a few minutes of meditation can calm your mind, increase focus and relieve stress.

Esteban Gonzalez

As a work-from-home, homeschooling mom of four, I need all the help I can get with focus and stress relief. If your days are also full, chances are you could use all the benefits meditation has to offer. But how do you make time for yet another thing in your day?

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Schedule it

I live by my Google calendar and phone alarms. If there’s something important that needs to get done, I schedule it on my calendar and/or create an alarm because, well, mommy’s brain.

It seems that I can get so wrapped up in my day that I forget to do even the most basic things like eating or drinking water, so I use my calendar and phone alarms to remind me to take care of myself. Meditation included.

Keep it simple

When I first tried meditating a few years ago, I was quickly overwhelmed. Because I had no idea what to do, I turned to YouTube and found some videos to walk me through it. I think I made it halfway through one 20-minute video before I called it quits.

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A few years down the road, I got an app with meditations that were half as long. Turns out, that’s still too long for me on most days and once again, I ditched meditation, claiming it was clearly meant for people who didn’t have small children or anything else to do.

Thankfully, a few months ago, a dear friend introduced me to the Welzen app. Hopeful, I downloaded it to my phone and sat down for my first meditation. Five minutes later, I was relaxed, focused and delighted that I had actually completed a meditation.

The pleasant voice of the guide and the different meditation lengths available made it easy for me to add meditation to my daily self-care routine.

Make it special

Chances are if meditation is just another item to cross off your already crazy to-do list, you’re not going to do it. This was a problem I ran into. I knew it was good for me, I knew it made me feel great, but when faced with sitting down and meditating and, well, everything else, I chose something else. That is until I made it special.

Knowing that I definitely wanted to develop a meditation habit, I looked for ways to make it into a more sacred ritual — one that I cherish and look forward to each day. Now, I tie it into my daily tea ritual (every day at four, without fail, I sit down for a cup of tea).

While my tea is steeping, I go into my room, put an essential oil on my wrists, sit down on the rug in the corner and put in my headphones. Then, I meditate for five blissful minutes and go have my tea.

I don’t get distracted and forget about my tea, my ritual is even more special and I feel relaxed and able to tackle the last part of my day. And my family loves that I’m a lot less grouchy. Everyone benefits.

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Esteban Gonzalez

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Co-Founder and CEO of https://welzen.app — Spreading the benefits of #mindfulness #meditation.

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