Mindfulness leads to kindness and kindness changes the world

Before I get too busy talking about kindness, let me share this quote with you.

Esteban Gonzalez

“It is not so important whether you walk on water or walk in space. The true miracle is to walk on earth.”Said, Thich Nhat Hanh, a vietnamese monk.

For many, life is just a constant hustle, between work, kids, friends, and trips. In our desire to have more and achieve what we have set as “goals” is what our lives revolve around. But in the path to our goals, we also experience pain, frustration, desire, happiness, stress, and many other emotions.

Is there anything wrong with experiencing all these emotions? No, nothing wrong, but if we learn how to experience those emotions and life itself in a better way, the path to what we call “success” may change to be more pleasant, even our definition of “success” may change.

What this monk was trying to say, is that there is another type of success, and that the true miracle lies in the art of becoming a kind human being. This is something we can all achieve, yet it’s the most difficult goal we can set for ourselves.

Why is it so hard to become kind?

Because in order to become kind, we have to remove all ego, all anger, and be in constant awareness of our attitude, thoughts, and actions. Kindness is the opposite of selfishness, and all of us to some degree, can be selfish at times.

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It’s not enough to think we should be kind, or should be patience, real kindness comes from a transformed mind and heart, and we can only transform them if we are fully aware of what they hold.

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But how can we develop that kind of awareness?

The answer is meditation. Mindfulness meditation will create a window to our minds and hearts, by observing what’s inside and how we react to all of our thoughts and emotions. Remember is not only thinking we need to be kind, is our actions of patience, empathy and love what truly makes us kind.

Also, it’s not about giving up on our dreams, is about adding kindness to our list. Kindness can change the world, if we only slow down a bit and care for the person next to us. It’s not about religion or spirituality, it’s about a better world and a better life.

Every day as we wake up let’s try to meditate, we can even do a meditation for kindness. If the first thing we do is observe our thoughts and emotions, expand our love and kindness, and set daily goals, then our day will start on a more positive note and our mind will be more likely to stay calmed and focused.

Setting up different goals each day, for acts of kindness, can truly change our heart and our old habits to make us happier and more loving. Remember these wise words…

“True change is within; leave the outside as it is.” — Dalai Lama XIV.

Let’s transform ourselves, our lives, and our world!

Esteban Gonzalez

Written by

Co-Founder and CEO of https://welzen.app — Spreading the benefits of #mindfulness #meditation.

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