Valentines’s day — The Gift of Mindfulness Through Inner Love

Each year when February 14th rolls around, people clamor to make dinner reservations, find the perfect Valentine’s card and purchase roses by the dozen. If you don’t have a loved one to share this holiday with, this day can be filled with a sense of inner loneliness and sadness.

As a mindfulness-based psychotherapist, I see clients that are desperately seeking a way to feel at home within themselves. Whether they’re going through a divorce, changing careers or constricted by stress and anxiety, one of the common denominators is that they’re on the path of excavating self-love. I often teach people that we can only meet those who sit before us at the heart-depth we’ve met ourselves. If our inner pool of self-love is shallow, we’ll have little to give those precious beings in our life. So how does the gift of mindfulness help us to excavate that authentic, inner love we seek most?

Here are three practices that will help you reconnect to your own heart, radiating love into every relationship in your life and beyond:

1 — Turn Love Inward

— I love who it is I am and I trust my inner goodness.

2 — Practice Universal Love

  • May we all me happy
  • May we all me healthy
  • May we all be free
  • May we all live with untethered love

3 — Slow Down

Slowing down is the ultimate act of self-love…this love which is found in the power of your presence.



Co-Founder and CEO of — Spreading the benefits of #mindfulness #meditation.

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Esteban Gonzalez

Co-Founder and CEO of — Spreading the benefits of #mindfulness #meditation.