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Oct 23 · 3 min read

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When it comes to launching a new brand onto the market, from the brand concept to supply-chain and distribution, Wemanage adopts a very hands-on approach. It all starts from sitting with the client, whether it’s an investor, creative director or entrepreneur, in order to translate an idea into a business plan (time, actions and costs). Then, it’s all about guiding the client through all the small steps (and decisions) between the plan and its deployment. Here, a solid team mixing different know-how and seniority is pivotal and the synergies with the sister-companies K-448 and Arebour on digital communication and product development are often a key ingredient to a successful launch. Not just a beautiful strategy but great dedication and daily perseverance in making things happen.

Here we are presenting two interesting new brands in the making to keep an eye on: Amotea and LOOS.

With Amotea the purpose was to translate — in the truest possible way — designer Diletta Amodei’s intimate, personal and romantic universe into a new clothing brand. How? Building a brand strategy in which images from the past blend together with visions of a woman of the future, choosing a contemporary narrative — both in visual and written content — to communicate its intense feminine strength. A narrative that could conquer a crew made of cosmopolitan aspiring young women that feel and want to look unique.

With LOOS we had to start from scratch. Build an ironic and carefree imagery in which to place a product afterwards: socks and stockings with great personality. So we went from the brand’s rationale, to the naming process — through market research and a long brainstorming — to its launch on the market, followed by a customised communication strategy. We chose a word that is graphically beautiful, with the double “o” that gives the idea of the pair. An anagram that stands for: “Lots of odd socks”, to deliver the idea of one-of-a-kind: uniqueness is fun. The lead we followed was the audience that we wanted to reach: people who know how to live, enjoy the moment, take the time to notice the details and take care of them. Men and women that live in a universe where idling about does not involve guilt.

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