WG pills: #TBT to Prada Journal °IV Edition. A Social Media strategy case @K-448

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Mar 4 · 2 min read

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On a unique and experimental virtual platform, 5 testimonials, 75 contributors and 267 selected Prada Journalists shared their own Inner Landscape. A story built on day by day thanks to the contribution of artists and creative talents from around the world.

The Prada Journal eyewear collection, created in collaboration with Luxottica, became once again the key tool to explore emotional geographies and express the bond between one’s inner world and reality, re-elaborating it through images and the written word. Visit pradagroup.com/prada-journal

K-448 joined the 2017 Prada Journal team to work on the social media strategy, with the scope of translating the whole PJ experience into a new digital format, a free-standing Instagram profile. We are here going through some of the strategic inputs that were created, which we see are still very contemporary in today’s digital approach. Enjoy!

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