My one million RMB sales achievement

I was a marketer in education business before 2009. Normally I had a monthly budget of 100,000 ~ 200,000 RMB . I would spend it on search engines like Baidu and Google, or on other internet advertisements. I tried my best to make it good value. My boss even gave me some bonus money for bringing in so many inquires. But we had a huge fight at last, when my boss tried to blame me for some mistakes she made. I had no choice but to quit.

Then I joined a mobile app outsourcing company as marketing manager and they told me there was no budget. I began to realize what they really need was a sales person. I was depressed for a little while, like a day or two. Then I decided to give it a shot.

It was not easy at first. As a marketer, all the persons around you respected you. In fact, almost every vendor tried to bribe me, so I would choose them. But of course I said no. Now after I became a sales person, none of them even called. They forgot me in a blink. My colleagues were all programmers. I was an outsider to them, even loser. I started to use the traditional way, by calling our potential clients one by one. Well, it was a long time, long time of suffering.

But I was lucky. In 2009, I was one of the first group of people in China doing iOS. I used my marketing skills to set up a system on internet. For example, I persuaded the biggest iOS developer website at that time to put our company’s phone number on their recommend list.

Things became much easier after several months. I began to bring revenues to our company. What I need to do was to sit in my office and waiting for someone to call, talk to him and then sign a contract. I was easy like Sunday Morning. In the next year, I reached one million RMB sales. At the same time, I have learned product design and graphic design. I also became good friend with our programmars.

After several years, I opened my own company, till today. And my boss at that time, still often discuss with me about the mobile app market. We became good friends too.

Facing challenges are always difficult, but it also always pays off.