After The Events Of This Week, We May Have To Admit That The Transformers Fan Base Isn’t Going Anywhere

This week, supporters of American decency were dealt a harsh blow that has left them all reeling. Many have been left with one simple question, “how?”. How, after everything that has happened, could people turn out in such massive numbers to help push such a horrible thing to victory? Well, the answer is harsh, but simple: those people absolutely love the Transformers films, and there’s absolutely nothing that we can do to get them to change their mind about that.

I know, it seems absolutely crazy after everything we’ve seen. After all, the Transformers series has seemed to go practically out of their way to be in bad taste. They’re loud, sexist, sometimes incredibly racist, and we assumed that the American people would realize that fact over time and walk away from them. We thought people were decent. We never imagined that maybe, just maybe, watching robots based on racial stereotypes flying around the giant wrecking ball testicles of an even bigger, evil robot, is the exactly the kind of thing that Americans were looking for.

If you’re anything like me, you probably spent the whole time leading up to this week thinking that Transformers: The Last Knight had no chance to succeed. That just a small, but dedicated audience would go see the movie and then it would fade quietly into the night. After all, none of your friends see the appeal of giant car robots fighting each other while scantily clad actresses watch from below. You probably don’t even interact with a fan of the Transformer series in your day to day life other than the occasional family member at Thanksgiving.

However, this week has shown us that we can no longer sit back and hope that people will wake up to the fact of just how bad these movies are. We have to actually work hard to get Americans into the theatre for better films, and that’s going to take some strong messaging on our part.

We have to accept that, “these movies are bad”, is not a message that will get people to change their viewing habits. You can mention that weird scene where a character admits to being attracted to underage girls all you want, but people are going to ignore it because they fucking love Transformers.

Instead, the best strategy will be to cultivate enjoyable, innovative, and progressive action films of our own to compete with the Transformers series, and really try to hammer home in the future that anyone who buys a ticket to an independent film they really want to see is basically throwing their money away. It’s blockbusters or bust baby.