Thinking differently about VC value-add

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Courtesy of VC Starter Kit

The VC game seems to be changing. It’s become a big enough industry with enough widely observed idiosyncrasies that it’s possible to raise an entire fund based on VC memes. One common meme is the mythical VC “value add”— seems like founders and VCs alike are trying to figure out what it actually is.

One reason is probably that increasing competition between too many funds makes it hard for founders to differentiate (however, there is plenty of competition amongst investment bankers, and the value-add to companies is definitely debatable, but they still don’t receive nearly as much meme attention).

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As Ballmer put it so energetically in the past, it always comes down to developers. Developers are always at the forefront of technology, but they haven’t always been served directly by technology. …

Where Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 user value propositions are starting to converge

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Technology Lifecycle Adoption Curve for Web 3.0 Technologies

The verbiage “Web 3.0” used to bother me because it implied the existence of an upgraded version of the web that we are already building towards, and as if there was a master plan to convert all users to this new web once the building was complete. This felt like predicting the future, which is not something I’m comfortable doing as a venture capitalist. …


Wendy Xiao Schadeck

VC at Northzone

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