Coding vs. Cooking

OS X Terminal + Emacs bash a very perfect minimal text editor
It all starts from my pursuit for a minimal text editor. And one day when I was playing around in OS X Terminal BASH, I found a full screen Emacs makes a very perfect minimal text editor.
What’s more, there are some very inspiring free-software discussion in it. And this is the first time I know about Richard Stallman. The first time I got a whole view of the relationship between UNIX, LINUX, GNU, OS X.
Sharing of software was not limited to our particular community; it is as old as computers, just as sharing of recipes is as old as cooking.
— Richard Stallman “Open Source”

The software here must means code rather than application, because in that early years, software means how people write application, not like nowadays, software means what we can copy and paste and begin to use.

Source Code

So it certainly different from sharing of recipes nowadays for software. Because cooking can not be copy and paste, you need to start from selecting material, prepare it, control the variables, use patience.

One assumption is that software companies have an unquestionable natural right to own software and thus have power over all its users. (If this were a natural right, then no matter how much harm it does to the public, we could not object.) Interestingly, the US Constitution and legal tradition reject this view; copyright is not a natural right, but an artificial government-imposed monopoly that limits the users’ natural right to copy.
— Richard Stallman “Open Source”

This convinced me, by the word natural. Copyright is not a natrual right. But no right is natural. Animals have the willing to keep alive, like human. We have society to grant this right to people, but animals don’t.

For life, it’s natural feature is to live but not to die. For author’s work, it’s natural feature is not to close but to share with others. Meanwhile, we certainly should encourage but not force others to share.

Computer users should be free to modify programs to fit their needs, and free to share software, because helping other people is the basis of society.
— Richard Stallman “Open Source”

Helping others is the basis of society. Or we don’t need to build society, uncivilized world will be sufficient for people don’t want to help others.

Free software isn’t free

Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software

by Richard Stallman


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