Life is all about access

Money is not the truth of life.

Think about what you can buy from money.

A car? No. It’s the key to the car that you bought. There are thousands of cars on the land, and only the one you have access belongs to you.

A company? No. It’s the access of the company’s accounting, the free access to the patents of that company, the highest access to human resource of that company, i.e. the creativity of a company.

Even love is about access.

Love is about the access to her/his life, his/her memory, feeling, body, friends, family, knowledge, treasure…

It’s apparent in digital world.

It’s the access to the paid software / premium account that makes one occupies more resource than the others.

That’s why people hate dollar-players, because that privileged access breaks the balance of a game. Yet everyone is looking forward to have it.

It’s about life.

If we lost our access to our memory, we lost our sole. If our body lost access to control our parts, we are disabled. And if that access is to the heart, we dead.

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