Why Marketers should become Entertainers

- Social Media, 100 likes!
- CLEAR!!!
- Content, give me a blog post!
- Dammit, we are losing it!
- It’s over. Storytelling, call it.
- 2016, Advertising it’s officially dead.

We’ve been trying so much to keep Advertising alive, using new ways of shoving our Brands down our consumers throats that we forgot the most important thing: Binge Watching.

Everyday classic TV is losing its audience towards a non-commercial, highly curated, readily available and most important, ad-free content.

We all know that, but what that means?

That means that people want entertainment. That means people are avoiding advertising. And most of all, that means we aren’t giving people what they want, we are going on the total opposite direction. And going on the opposite direction of consumers is bad news for brands, but I don’t think you need me telling you that.

Ok, so what can we do about it?

If you can’t beat them, join them!

Not everything is bad news. The last trends we followed are steering our boat towards the right path. Content Creation and Storytelling are just two examples of good efforts in that path, but it’s time we, as marketers, brand managers and communicators dive in entertainment.

When I say entertainment, I mean it. Please don’t do that Product Placement stuff anymore. It feels like that old uncle that wants to fit in the ~gang~ by saying stuff like gang.

Create the entertainment your consumers want to experience truly. No ad. No product. Pure entertainment.

It sounds weird, I know. It sounds like you would create something so generic that any brand could use that. And if you feel like that, you are getting in the right track, because it feels natural like it’s just part of your consumer’s universe. It’s not trying to sell you anything, it’s just there. Part of his life. Your brand now has a natural relationship with your consumer.

And he loves it. Because we, as consumers, have evolved. We know now, more than ever, when a brand is trying to sell something to us. When they are doing things just to look good. And we don’t buy that kind of bullfeces anymore. We want brands to be part of our world. We want brands to be personal, human and reachable. We want brands to know us and invite us for dinner(well, not literally, unless you are Chipotle, then you can invite us for dinner).

There are great small agencies/studios/creative bureaus/hot shops/labs(call them how you want) that move faster than your average award winning big buck agency that already are doing great jobs with this new paradigm of brand communication. If you don’t believe me, check this article by The Content Strategist on how Brands are investing in creating movies of their own: https://contently.com/strategist/2016/01/06/the-new-hollywood-why-brands-are-making-movies/

I’ll be writing more on the method behind all that in the future, but I would love to hear your take on this!

Thanks for reading!

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