A Warning For Our Next Great Screenwriters
The Academy

One day after the technological bubble of filmmaking bursts we’ll be forced to go back to the reason we watch films in the first place — because stories are everything.

Star Wars is great because it was able to use next level technology to tell a story as it has never been told before. 20 years later the Star Wars universe was forever tainted because Lucas forgot about story and instead worked on spectacle.

Christopher Nolan as a writer/director is able to balance story and spectacle, in a way that has since satiated the businessmen of Hollywood, while also giving us simple but arresting tales of family(Inception and Interstellar) and responsibility (The Dark Knight Series, Momento, and the Presitge).

Spectacle is the sugar, but the meat, potatoes and bread is the story; and that is ultimately what sustains us as viewers.

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