“ And we should consider everyday lost in which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh” — Nietzsche

It goes without saying that most people rarely achieve anything without self-confidence, this general rule-of-thumb certainly applied to me when once I worked in Education Sales & Marketing. There are many great followers just waiting to lead, but the difference between who follows and who stands out front and leads successfully is often found in the individual that is able to combine self-confidence with humility and know-how. Self-confidence, humility, know-how mixed with a little opportunity are the best tools to have when in any leadership position.

And self-confidence is an issue that is commonly faced especially with those lower on the totem pole as it were. In nearly all instances where I’ve worked with CEOs have I noticed hubris, arrogance even but rarely is there a lack of self-confidence. One might even consider that it would be very difficult to lead multi-million dollar companies without sure confidence in what it is that you bring to the table and how that can bring about positive business outcomes.

We don’t always realize that there is a lack of self-confidence at work, and if we don’t realize that then it is nearly impossible to see the many ways lacking confidence colors our perception of our worth/value to an organization, team or project.

Taken from my own Royal-Rumble with Self-Confidence and Leadership, here are 5 insights I’d like to share in hopes that it helps you to achieve your best results in leadership.

  1. Get In-Tune with your Value. It is important every now and again to get in-tune with your value. Most if not all sales leaders believe they have the personality, administration and/or communication skills that can be trained and duplicated in other employees to drive results. Reconnect with the skills that you believe are valuable in your job role. Remember that you have something unique to contribute.
  2. Study Your Failures. Remember that failure is highly valuable because it provides the opportunity for analysis and study. Study your failures and understand that they too are a pathway to greater successes in the future. Take the lessons learned, and make your next attempt at success! Your failures are lessons from your attempts to achieve.
  3. Pick a Direction and Grow. Whether you are looking to improve performance results from a front-line sales team, or to engage executives in better thought leadership, take the time to choose your areas of growth and improvement, then commit actionable tasks that build on the identified weaknesses. Where you invest time, energy and strategic planning you’ll get results.
  4. Remember to Lead. For most leaders, being in a management position means being watched by others. You must be courageous when the time calls because failure to display courage can foster a lack of self-confidence amongst direct reports. The best leaders remember to set positive energy around business goals and initiatives so as to create buy-in. The best leaders bring everyone into the goal at hand and make their unique contributions and gifts to the goal, more realized.
  5. Enjoy the Process. Results are best achieved and moreover best celebrated in positive work environments under strong effective leaders who are confident, self-aware and humble. Some are born with a natural ability to lead and strike the right balance to achieve amazing results, but most are not naturally gifted but become effective through practice and repetition. In the end, it is all a journey, try and enjoy the process.

Wendell Guillary, Chief Strategist at MOLD LLC is the author of “Going Forward I’ll Trust Myself More.” As an emerging thought leader on Diversity Inclusion Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Development, and Social Entrepreneurship Wendell & MOLD LLC work to support emerging and established businesses throughout Los Angeles, CA.