Why Lemonade Is For Black Women
Dominique Matti

Very poetic and great writing.Beyonce’s video is used as a foil for her to talk about a woman’s feelings.My only wish is that she went deeper into the matter by giving more examples besides not having a father at home which is almost too common to mention.Its one of the most popular storey lines in all Black publications.Black man not at home-so the family is fucked etc.And the girl children are the most hurt of all etc.Proably Beyonce’s vid is not as deep as her writing on it is,but if it is then as a man I have no way of knowing it.I do like the idea that if she feels that she is being hurt by men or the society at large,that she intends to take action- this of course is the American spirit which is not avaliable to most women in the world.Non American women would never dream this-they are used to getting their asses kicked in silence.

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