Blockchain in Food and Ag — Nov 7

Recent articles on blockchain in the food and ag space! Is the linkage between GS1 becoming more important/foundational to adoption?

(Let me know if there are articles you see which should be included in the next post!)

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  • Quick read covering the announcement by the ABCDs that they are joining forces on digitalization. This article notes the initial efforts will focus on the automation of grain and oilseed post-trade processes.

  • An overview article that argues, “The bottom line is that in order to avoid being the weak link in the food supply’s blockchain system, producers and their immediate suppliers must adopt a well-thought-out and complete digital strategy starting at the farm level.” This means more than just connecting some of farming’s existing systems.

  • Proof of interest and connections by the FMCG and blockchain: Nestle veteran becomes chairman of GS1.

  • Demonstrating the ROI is key. The article is a call to action: It is time that companies understand the actual value behind blockchain, rather than marvel at the possibilities that it could entail. The technology cannot be fancied for the sole reason of being a distributed ledger, but because it holds a specific economic incentive that drives supply chain adoption.

  • For those interested, OriginTrail (TRAC) has launched a $135,000 open call to promote the development and use cases of the OriginTrail protocol. With key partnerships already in place such as those with IoT platform EVRYTHNG and the GS1 global standard, OriginTrail is well positioned for blockchain-based supply chain solutions.

  • Is there a growing trend in dairy? This is an announcement from Finland. There have been other announcements by dairies in other countries.

  • Lastly, as proof of the trend and interest in blockchain, google searches on ‘blockchain’ are now more popular than ‘cryptocurrency.’